Global Launch of Microsoft Build Auckland and Singapore

Design, build and deliver the Technical Production for the global launch of the new Microsoft Build event in Singapore and Auckland on successive days, ensuring the technical requirements meet those of the new software, multiple devices, geographical locations and speaker requirements.
With a complex IT Conference Program showcasing new technology hardware and software, combined with speakers from global regions, intricate presentations from multiple devices, DG global set a foundation team at our Melbourne office the task of specifying the technical requirements of the event, developing an intricate matrix of production delivery, sourcing the relevant suppliers in both Singapore and Auckland. Tasked with creating stage build and screen content to suit, multiple templates were created to meet speaker requirements from our design departments along with locally produced signage and branding of custom demonstration desk that hosted multiple hardware devices that linked back to a central control switching unit. DG global sent two teams on the road to execute the conferences – one to Singapore and another to Auckland to build each of the environments before a satellite team operated and delivered the events in both locations after overnight flights alongside all presenters.