Deakin University Graduation Ceremonies

DG global is tasked with full production management of the graduation ceremony series including close liaison and communication with the Deakin University graduations department, stage management, graphic design and content creation, and entertainment management of 22 graduation ceremonies – approximately 10,500 students graduated over the year.
DG global provides a complete creative agency service across all aspects of the graduation ceremony series with a core objective of highlighting – through an innovative and engaging graduation experience – that Deakin University is a vibrant, energetic tertiary educational institution, a point of difference from other universities in this sector. DG global provides creative and production execution for the events, including technical production, set design and audio visual production, including live streaming services for each ceremony. Extensive content and media creation forms an integral part of the ceremony series, including a purpose produced opening film, ‘live’ highlights feature, and screen content with live camera feeds. Each ceremony concludes with a performance moment to engage, inspire and uplift students as they celebrate with their peers and family. Included in the ceremony series are local and international graduating students from all Deakin campuses, families, dignitaries, alumni, honorary doctorate and awards recipients and university staff, faculty and board representatives.